Case Study - CycleBar



Rocking CycleBar’s Ride

Can exercising make you feel like a rock god? That was the question the owners of CycleBar needed answered. And the challenge was twofold. They needed a new indoor cycling experience and a repeatable design that could be rolled out nationwide. So our team set out on a mission to revolutionize how people get fit across the country.

We transformed the idea of indoor cycling from rows of bikes in a musty basement into an energized arena. Our team reimagined every aspect of a cycling studio – incorporating stadium-style seating and a DJ booth with modern acoustical equipment. We installed DMX controlled LED lights that sync to the music to make the experience more immersive and energetic. Our designs put the cycler in the center of the action. But we didn’t stop there.

Our team wanted to develop an experience that electrified cyclers the moment they stepped through the doors. So we extended the intensity of the cycle studio into the rest of CycleBar – developing vibrant color schemes, and places created to get people pumped for their ride. We even energized CycleBar’s revenue by incorporating strategically designed retail spaces that showcased their merchandise.

We wanted every CycleBar location to make a dramatic visual impact – inside and out. They needed to stand out in the grey urban landscape. Our team pulled out all the stops and scrutinized every detail, from the wall-to-wall graphic systems to the fire-engine red paneling that make CycleBar locations predominate and recognizable. PSA then took all these concepts, designs, and visual elements and created an entire brand package.

When we were done, our team had developed a unique concept and designed a new kind of fitness space that could be implemented with ease anywhere in the world. We created an experience that sticks with CycleBar’s customers and keeps them coming back for more. So the answer is yes, exercising can make you feel like a rock god.