Case Study - Jags



PSA Cooks Up a New Dining Experience

When the owners of Jag’s came to us wanting a new fine-dining concept we told them to go home. No, we didn’t kick them out of our offices. Instead, we suggested combining their dining experience with the intimate feeling of home. Our idea was to create distinct dining areas based off rooms in a house.

Our team conceptualized every detail, down to the smallest, of each room. We designed a library room that makes you want to sip brandy and read leather-bound books in front of the elegant fireplace we built. We created a patio room that makes people feel like they’re catching up with friends at a backyard BBQ. We elevated a baby grand piano in the center of their bar to transport guests back to a time of dry martinis and cool jazz. And we did all this on a tight clock.

The zoning, kitchen design, interior design, lighting, and HVAC all needed to be completed on a fast-track schedule. Our team’s multidisciplinary expertise gave us the flexibility to revise, revamp, and redesign on-the go.

Working with Jag’s, PSA developed, nurtured, and executed their vision. We incorporated the restaurant’s brand concepts into every aspect of our design and integrated the necessary functionality that makes for memorable dining. The end result is a stunning space that delivers multiple unique dining experiences.