Case Study - P.A.W.S.


Lending a Paw in Dearborn County

When P.A.W.S. approached PSA to help develop a new animal shelter for Dearborn County, they had a tiny sketch and a dream. They knew PSA was the perfect partner to help bring that dream to life, but what they didn’t know is that they had found a group of passionate animal lovers ready to go above and beyond. Our team believes in sharing our talents for the betterment of our community. And it was this belief that drove us to volunteer our time to help P.A.W.S. achieve their mission – saving animal lives.

Driven by our love of animals and a dedication to make a difference in Dearborn County, PSA oversaw every functional detail of the project. But the real magic happened when our team went beyond the functional. We helped P.A.W.S. brainstorm and execute an out-of-the-box partnership with Dearborn County.

Once we created the partnership, PSA developed a new approach to animal shelters that has revolutionized the effectiveness of the P.A.W.S. organization, dramatically improved the welfare of animals, and saved the lives of countless other animals by increasing pet adoption.

Our secret? Make the animals the stars of the show. Thanks to our multi-use experience we were able to adapt a retail concept for the benefit of the animals. Instead of storing animals we showcased them with new kenneling solutions, and lighting designed to make the space more inviting while facilitating interaction between the animals and their new owners.

Realizing utilities would be P.A.W.S. largest operating expense, our team developed a unique pressure washing system that drastically reduced water consumption, increased disease control, and helped improve animal health in the facility. We installed a geothermal system that reduced their energy bill. PSA even worked with a kennel gate supplier to pioneer safer, disease-resistant kennel gates that reduced employee falls and decreased animal illness.

The concepts our team developed for P.A.W.S. tripled their adoption rates and drove down euthanasia rates to the point that they are now considered a no-kill shelter. The P.A.W.S. Humane Center results have drawn the attention of animal shelters nationwide, and the facility commonly hosts representatives from other shelters hoping to implement our game-changing methods and techniques.

The work PSA did with P.A.W.S. was instrumental in helping them secure funding and eventually turned a tiny sketch into one of the most successful animal shelters in the region. P.A.W.S. stands as a shining example of amazing results that happen when passion and expertise fuse to realize a dream.