Case Study - Sibcy Cline

Sibcy Cline

For Sale: Finding Sibcy Cline a New Home

Is it possible to work without feeling like you’re at work? That’s what Sibcy Cline wanted to know when they approached us to revitalize their workspace. We knew a cube farm wasn’t going to cut it, so we set out to develop a deep understanding of the daily needs of Sibcy’s employees, clients, and partners.

We wanted to push the boundaries of a conventional workspace, so our team worked closely with Sibcy Cline to meet their employees’ needs and exceed their expectations; transforming a boring office space into a nexus of ideas, energy, and profitability.

The new design features an open office space that facilitates interaction between agents. We installed smart boards that act as digital whiteboards and gave Sibcy’s employees the power to freely write down their ideas. Our team also implemented wireless solutions through the building, allowing the agents to pull real-time listings on to displays throughout the office. Our concepts broke down the barriers between the employees and let ideas flow freely across the office – increasing the chance interactions that lead to increased sales.

PSA helped Sibcy Cline create a space that drives employee productivity, but we also wanted to create a place that appeals to home buyers. A place that doesn’t feel like an office, that reminds clients of home and puts them in a home-buying mindset. Our team developed welcoming, comfortable meeting areas that feature exposed stone walls, rich hardwood flooring, and a warm, inviting fireplace. Now, when potential buyers meet with agents, the idea of home ownership is top of mind.

PSA seamlessly merged two unique needs into one beautiful building. In the end, Sibcy Cline’s employees had a sleek, modern space to work in and an inviting, comfortable place to meet with their potential buyers. Our team created a tool for employees to use and deliver a service their customers couldn’t get anywhere else. The ideas PSA developed and implemented transformed their ordinary office into a centrifuge of successful agents and a space for knowledge sharing and increased sales.